Imposter syndrome and how I sort of got over it
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Brilliant, must-read piece by @rogermacginty.

Surrey University makes £15m cuts and offers redundancy to all staff - BBC News
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‘Vice chancellor Max Lu said universities faced "unprecedented pressures", including Brexit’ #TakingBackControl

'We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured’
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The rector of Ghent university will end "personalized objectives, the annual job descriptions and the high number of evaluation documents and activity reports". Hooray!

Jo Johnson’s warning to universities on free speech
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interesting thoughts from @SarahAB_UK.

Why I’m leaving UK academia (not just Brexit)
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Jeepers, how awful.

Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse
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Setting targets means failure.

Intellectuals are freaks
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Don't agree with all of this but interesting thoughts.

Blog Post Was Ethics Breach
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Professor fired for harassing postgrad, not for "un-PC" views.

Grimm's Tale

The awful story of the @ImperialCollege scientist driven to suicide by management.

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.
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A bit optimistic...

Employing a student to criticize my teaching
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A more positive story from academe.

Farewell to academia

Philip Sandifer isn't going to take it any more.

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