Europe risks losing strategic clout in Western Balkans
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Signed by 10 former foreign ministers.

Leaders must take action, giving signals is not enough
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Well said by @SergeiStanishev - "if we cannot follow up on our commitments towards one another, we undermine not only our credibility but the very notion that we care and stand up for each other."

Bye-Bye, Balkans: A Region in Critical Demographic Decline
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Absolutely fascinating - and worrying - from @timjudah1.

Ignoble taste in literature – POLITICO
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@ediramaal: “Handke’s work cannot be disentangled from the political service it did the late Serbian leader. His political pamphlets are not literature — they are calls to hate that reinforce prejudice.”

One more failure

@DanielSerwer is alaramed. "If you wanted to make common cause with Europe in the Balkans, Grenell is the last American you would choose for the task."

Political and Economic Governance in the Balkans and Eastern Europe Compared

Interesting conclusions from @CEPS_Thinktank, notably that Georgia is moving well ahead of the field.

From Thatcher's private secretary to yogi
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Fascinating. I knew him in the Balkans!

10 Rules for a New Balkan Prince
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Florian Bieber channels Machiavelli.

Kein Nazi-Preis mehr
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Swiss journalist forces renaming of prize which commemorated Nazi propagandist.

Gotovina: Unlikely Hero of Croat-Serb Dialogue
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Unfreezing the legacy of war.

Penser la Yougoslavie 20 ans après

Series of events coming up locally.

Denying genocide should not be called freedom of speech
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The problem, however, is that Dr. Trifkovic and his supporters do not want to have a dialogue. As any nationalist would do, they see their version of the past as true and valid, and demand that others believe it, too. While calling for a dialogue they shout at their critics, rather than talk to them and then have the audacity to call such shouting…

Richard Holbrooke: an appreciation in spite of myself |

by my friend Daniel Serwer, who knew Holbrooke all too well.

B92: New Citroen ad sparks Bosnian outrage

If you are putting maps in your advertisements, it is wise to make sure that your maps are correct!

blacksearoamer - Pimms in short supply
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Sad times at the British Embassy in Tirana

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