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the use of Tumblr by the U.S. Department of State, which is quite active on the platform, shows a keen interest mostly in infographics and videos, but uses less GIFs, or animated GIF images, then the previous administration... why GIFs can be key in the storytelling process: contextualize a quote or event; condense information, time, or process; c…

How nice to see Intrasoft to wake up to the nice Tumblr I built for them a while ago ;)
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How nice to see Intrasoft to wake up to the nice Tumblr I built for them a while ago ;)

Platforms, distribution and audience

Blogging has never been easier but getting read has never been harder... The problem isn't freedom or openness but distribution... you might post it on Facebook or Google Plus. Your friends might see it ... (though this is largely random) and they might share it ... You might post it on LinkedIn and your network might see it ... and LinkedIn migh…

The all-male panel is horribly outdated and lame
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If you've ever sat in the audience at an event and sighed at the lack of gender diversity on stage, someone has made the perfect Tumblr for you.

Tumblr is the new front page of the Internet

"After years without a central hub on which users could view popular content, Tumblr launched its answer to Reddit’s front page and Twitter’s trending topics in December: a page called “Explore” where anyone — registered on the site or not — can see the Tumblr blogs, search terms and posts that are currently most popular... If Tumblr was once bui…

Blogging on LinkedIn, or Paying on Facebook? (Updated)

Since trying and half-rejecting Google+ and Tumblr, I've been accepted as a LinkedIn blogger. At least I never bothered with Facebook.

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