Coda Story, focused on deep dives around single themes, is now tackling a “post-truth” Eurasia

We have ideas for sponsored Codas, that are of interest to specific groups.

Pacific Content’s podcasts are all sponsored by companies — but at least there aren’t any ads » Nieman Journalism Lab

the hallmark of a good branded podcast is that the marketing is subtle... this is something where you want to build a long-term relationship with people. It’s not about short-term conversions, or anything like that, but about having an amazing first experience with a brand.

Rise of the Social Influencer and Sponsored Posts

only when people are tempted to write gushing praise about a product they secretly despise that I think you have thrown away everything that you supposedly stand for... quite depressing to think that after all these years, we are still trying to put a price tag on everything that moves.,, However, there is something quite refreshing and excitin…

Study: Sponsored Content Has a Trust Problem
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Key "takeaways" (gag), of which the last is hilarious: "- Two-thirds of readers have felt deceived upon realizing that an article or video was sponsored by a brand. - 54 percent of readers don’t trust sponsored content. - 59 percent of readers believe a news site loses credibility if it runs articles sponsored by a brand. - As education level …

Crisis of trust as sponsored content puts media credibility into question - The Globe and Mail
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"As media companies seek out new ways to make money, is a crisis of trust brewing?"

Getting Sponsored Content Right

IAB/Edelman study on in-feed sponsored content: "The potential success of sponsored content is directly linked to how consumers already feel about the brand advertiser and the publisher hosting the content.... [Brands must] Create value for audiences ... publishers should ... be willing to walk away from advertisers who aren’t relevant/trusted" …

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