Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the Internet for a Huge Clash With Europe | WIRED
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With a few paragraphs buried in... bureaucrat-speak, the GDPR also restricts what the EU calls “automated individual decision-making.” ... what neural networks do... prohibit any automated decision that “significantly affects” EU citizens... provides ... a “right to explanation.” ... the option of reviewing how a particular service made a partic…

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are still failing to curb hate speech, EU says - The Verge
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Tech companies may face new legislation after struggling to comply with voluntary code of conduct... Under a code of conduct announced in May, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft agreed to review and respond to “the majority” of hate speech complaints within 24 hours

Law is code: visualising law as open data
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"The parliamentary process is indeed so similar to a collaborative software development workflow that it is only natural to try and use a version control tool such as Git to track individual legislative changes." - OpenGov Voices: How GitLaw turns the French parliamentary process into open data - Sunlight Foundation Blog

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