One-Touch to Inbox Zero: How I Spend 17 Minutes Per Day on Email | Praxis
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The key to Inbox Zero... “touch each email only once.”... only a well-designed underlying system can make such elegant action possible.... your annotated checklist for One-Touch Inbox Zero, in 5 EASY STEPS!...The main problem with how people use email is that they use it for everything.... Every other function is much more effectively handled by o…

What Makes a Good, Un-Sleazy Lead Magnet? 9 Utterly Clear Examples
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"lead magnets” or “freebies” or “opt-in incentives,” and they are insanely effective for growing your email list. And not only that, they can be excellent for growing trust with your audience as well... In this post you’ll learn: What makes a GOOD freebie What’s working for others (9 examples) How to design the right freebie for your business

How to Send a Ton of Personal-Looking Emails

Here’s the trick I figured out to send a ton of personal emails automatically. - How to Send a Ton of Personal-Looking Emails Automatically — STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING — Medium

Time Assets and Debts
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"If your schedule is filled with Time Debts, then it doesn't matter how hard you work. Your choices will constantly put you in a productivity hole. ... Email is a time debt that most people participate in each day. If you send an email now, you are committing to reading the reply or responding with an additional message later. Every email you sen…

Google Drive: the tip I didn't know
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"When someone sends you any attachment via email, you can save it straight to your Drive. Hover over the attachment and you'll see the Drive icon. Click on it and place it where you like. " - 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google Drive

email = (FB + Twitter)*40

"E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined " McKinsey continues with some basic rules for email communications, with brief case studies. Particularly like the impact of customising emails, something we did with the INFSO newsroom over 10 years ago…

Why email pitches are like movie trailers
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"Crafting the perfect pitch: Create a message, tailor it to your audience, and include a call to action. Journalists, bloggers, and other PR pros receive dozens of email pitches a day. To make your pitch stand out, take a page from movie marketers. They’re experts in capturing the audience’s attention in three minutes or less and leaving them on …

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