From #EP2009 to #EP2019: a lost decade?
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It’s taken me over ten years to move from enthusiasm, through frustration into a Zen-like state where I no longer blog about EU comms. But when the Eurobloggers called, I had to answer ;)- my link in the #EU09vs19 blog chain …

The Social Network is Yesterday, The Interest Feed is Tomorrow
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the value of curation combined with a second, algorithmic step: personalization. Fill a barrel with the best of the best. Now when I walk in, based on insights about my taste and what I’ve selected in the past, choose *for me* from the barrel. Wow! Thanks! - Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram — Medium

Slaves Of The Feed
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There is no shortage of content aggregators and aggregators of aggregators... give us a better overview of all the sources of information we have subscribed to and found ourselves now depending on... Constantly checking our feeds for new information, we seem to be hoping to discover something of interest, something that we can share with our ne…

Applying advanced language technologies to EU democracy
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Recently I and others... identified additional technologies... (auto-summary, sentiment analysis, etc.) to make ‘machine-assisted human curation’ even more useful.... to build bridges across Europe.

BloggingPortal, meet conTEXT

Hooking up with the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) research group to explore testing their ContText engine on the EU online public sphere.

BloggingPortal, meet Apache Stanbol
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Apache Stanbol, an opensource semantic analysis project... spun off from an EC funded research project--- can ‘annotate’ a text... in any language... rebooted BloggingPortal would provide an ideal platform for ‘training’ Stanbol to annotate other European languages.

EU blogging by the numbers: 317k+ posts, 21 languages
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Data from, extracted by BrusselsBlogger, gives some idea of the dominance of English as a blogging language on EU policy. It is actually probably lower than most in the Brussels Bubble would guess.

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