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Research: Simple Writing Pays Off (Literally)

Research: Simple Writing Pays Off (Literally)

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You can also heed other tactics that stem from what we’re rapidly learning about language processing in the brain. Here are a few I highlight in my upcoming book.

  1. Fewer ads: Use strong verbs and nouns. Adverbs and adjectives often disrupt clarity, like coughing at the opera.
  2. Break it down: Split up beefy thoughts and sentences. As a pro once said, “The period never comes soon enough.”
  3. Cut caveats: Every argument has exceptions. Every topic demands context. Still, unless you’re specifically citing disclaimers, minimize the fig leaves of hedging.
  4. Clean out residue: With each new draft, you’ll refine, reinforce, reiterate, and restate. Go back and strip out extraneous wording.
  5. Keep it short: Don’t write more than your audience needs.

When you sit down next to write, keep one thought foremost in mind. It’s what we might call the Levitt principle: The simpler the words, the higher your pay.

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