Moments, AMP, Longreads & more (Top3ics, 9 Oct)

In this week’s edition, two new social media products in one week; a few good longreads for the weekend; and more stuff for your online toolbox.

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Twitter & Google unveil their Latest Big Things

Twitter Moments are the latest example of a tech company adding human curation: “mini news digests of tweets across a range of topics, from entertainment and sports to news, with splashy full-screen photos and videos. Each individual moment is made up of about 10 tweets” - NiemanLab.

Ben Thompson (Stratechery) is impressed: “Twitter just reinvented the newspaper. It’s not just any newspaper though — it has the potential to be the best newspaper in the world…imagine a tweet-based newspaper drawn not only from the best sources in a mobile-friendly format, but one perfectly customized to you.” - Twitter’s Moment.

You may have missed:  

Accelerated Mobile Pages by Google “speed up mobile page load times through a new open framework called AMP HTML” - yesterday’s American Press Institute’s newsletter, which provides 6 excellent links, to which I’d add Mathew Ingram on Fortune

It all sounds great, particularly with all the code on GitHub, until you realise that it’s just the latest salvo in the Google-Facebook-Apple war where the only victims are journalism, and hence democracy. 

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Longreads of the week

I can’t recommend The deception that lurks in our data-driven world enough, particularly if you’re surrounded by data evangelists, because “We’ve deceived ourselves into thinking data is a camera, but it’s really an engine”. 

More: 40 more resources tagged data.

Two Paths Toward Our Robot Future sets out the “ongoing conflict between artificial intelligence and …. intelligence augmentation… the difference between a future in which human capabilities are enhanced by technology and one in which humans are made effectively obsolete, versioned out by the consequences of our own ingenuity”. 

More: more resources tagged autonomous and AI.

The Future of the Internet Is Flow, apparently, which “will resemble an electric power network, with information thundering through at tremendous volume and speed. Computers will become “step-down transformers” to convert high-voltage information from the Internet into a useful, lower-voltage form. Flowing information will power your life.


First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers managers

Some more longreads, with apologies to W. Shakespeare. 

You may have heard something about holacracy and/or Frederic Leloux’s wonderful book Reinventing Organizations? There are only 8 resources tagged holacracy, but they’re all fascinating reading, including this week’s additions:

Why You Need to Eliminate All of Your Company’s Managers is, like most, pro-holacracy, because  “People don’t leave companies. They leave managers — it’s their number one reason to leave… Modern business structures are built on a fundamental system of mistrust, division, and antagonism … The nature of managers is to build fiefdoms to demonstrate their value and to justify their promotion to bigger fiefdoms”.

First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses, a huge longform exposé of life at Zappos, is more nuanced - I don’t know whether to be impressed, amused or horrified.

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More for your toolkit

Other useful stuff Hub’d this week:

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