Control-F and Building Resilient Information Networks | Hapgood

is that true?... first thing ... is click the link... most students don’t ... second ... see whether the article actually supports that summary... How? ... zero people are going to [fully read the article] ... too long ... [so] ... the Yeats Effect (“The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity”). The reckless p…

In the war on fake news, school librarians have a huge role to play
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a lot of people don’t know fake news when they see it, sensationalized reports are more likely to go viral on social media than sane ones, and distrust of traditional (and genuinely more reliable) media sources is rising. Professor Nicole A. Cooke ... focusing on human information behavior, information literacy, and diversity in librarianship.... …

The Most Shared New York Times Stories Of 2015
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top 100 stories of the year, ranked ... by the total length of time people spent reading them... We wanted to see what cross-over this list might have with the biggest New York Times stories on Facebook... We recorded 28 stories in both top 100 lists...36 of the top 100 most shared stories were from the editorial and opinion pages, far more than a…

The Servitude Bubble
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I’m going to call it a Servitude Bubble... makes a small number of people something like neofeudal masters, lords with a corncucopia of on-demand just-in-time luxury services at their fingertips... by making a very large number of people glorified neo-servants…butlers, maids, chauffeurs, waiters, etcetera....“jobs”, sure — but only of the lowes…

@DonnaPapacosta on finding & sharing great content
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Great minds think alike ;) Couldn't resist commenting. "So how can you find great stuff as part of your content marketing efforts? Even better, how can you become a curator known for generously sharing the best of relevant content? " - How to find and share great content » Trafcom News Blog

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