To Mend a Broken Internet, Create Online Parks | WIRED
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"Our digital public sphere has been failing ... [but] History offers a proven template for how to build healthier public spaces."Filter Bubble author Pariser hearkens back to Walt Whitman's creation of NY's Green Park, when "New York City had no public parks ...only walled commercial pleasure gardens for those who could af…

What is ActivityPub, and how will it change the internet?
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ActivityPub separates content from platform. Posts from one platform propagate to other platforms, and users don’t need an account on every platform ... for ex., YouTube clone PeerTube and Mastodon both implement it, so is Mastodon user A follows PeerTube user B, B's new videos will appear in A's Mastodon feed. A can even comment on it f…

Building a More Honest Internet - Columbia Journalism Review
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In the US, radio began as a free-market free-for-all. More than five hundred radio stations sprang up in less than a decade to explore the possibilities... 40 percent were noncommercial... network of interlinked stations playing local and national content supported by local and national advertising, became dominant players...Soviet Union... ideolo…

News Publishers Go To War With the Internet — and We All Lose
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news industry trade associations are corruptly cashing in their political capital ... their members are newspapers, and politicians are scared of them — in desperate acts of protectionism to attack platform companies. The result is a raft of legislation that will damage the internet and in the end hurt everyone, including journalists and especiall…

Prepping for the AfterTrump
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"So you think “President Trump” is the worst case scenario?" - Some thoughts, originally on my oldblog and then updated on Medium:

Exploring Translated Syndication at Future Media Lab
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Some of the interesting work I’m involved with within EurActiv’s media innovation unit

Towards a 21st century EU Communications Strategy
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“Europe’s leaders... working within a EUropean context, but answering to voters who see issues from national perspectives… With independent journalism looking like an endangered species, a EU communication strategy that helped European media build the European Public Sphere would be a smarter longterm move...

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb
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the idea that everyone is like us is called the “false-consensus bias.”... Online it means we can be blindsided by the opinions of our friends or, more broadly, America... morphs into a subconscious belief that we and our friends are the sane ones and that there’s a crazy “Other Side” ... that just doesn’t “get it,” ... not as intelligent as “us.”…

Introducing the Brussels Bubble to some of its denizens
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Do we have a EU online public space? “If you know what EUR-LEX is, or have already forgotten how many Presidents the EU has and why, then you are part of the Brussels Bubble” - Speech, Civil Society Day, EESC, May 2012

An alternative overarching EU communication strategy?
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So how about an alternative ‘wide public’ communication strategy for the EU’s Institutions, particularly the parts which care about the wider public: support the emergence of the EU Online Public Space. One of my last posts on my oldblog that didn’t rehash older posts (the reason why I closed it soon after).

Do we need more EU platforms, or sustainable EU media?
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What the European online public space actually needs is a healthy ecosystem of sustainable media businesses, not a series of one-off platforms that come and go like moths in the night, driving media start-ups out of business with the help of public funds.

Vacancies: Specialists required to build bridges
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A cohort of specialists blogging about the EU-level issues in their particular subject would give those who don’t understand the EU a ‘handle’ on how the EU affects their field.... Some early thoughts ... popping the Brussels Bubble.

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