Facebook Paper: Curated Visual News Reader
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Seems Zuck's taken Filter Bubble criticisms to heart, combining human & machine curation (now where have I heard that before?) to create what Techcrunch calls “content serendipity” (wish I'd coined that one): "Each Section combines stories chosen by Facebook’s human editors and surfaced by the Paper algorithm [from] a publication, blogger, publi…

Facebook Paper: the video. Click the #fbpaper tag for some thoughts.

FalseFacebook Paper: the video. Click the #fbpaper tag for some thoughts.

Facebook Flipboards you out of the filter bubble
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"You also can't add any site you want, as with a traditional RSS reader. Instead, Facebook has hired a team of content curators to pick stories for you in one of a dozen or so categories ranging from basic news to cute animals." - With Paper, Facebook just blew its own iPhone app out of the water | The Verge

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