The Future of Search Is Boutique | Future
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Basically this piece starts to unpack for me my ideas of what millions of Hubs networked together and processed by AI would offer the world in terms of content discovery:With "tools like Notion, Airtable, and Readwise ... people are aggregating content ... reviving the curated web. But at the moment these are mostly solo affairs... fragmented…

Up against the paywall
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IS IT boom or doom in the news business? Headline-grabbing sums are being invested in online newspapers... Yet for those publications founded in the era of hot-metal type, advertising revenues continue to fall... American dailies lost around $30 billion in ad spending between 2005 and 2014, or 60% of the total... the main hope is to find ways of b…

Novelty is the new normal

2046: News organizations had great opportunities back in 2016. Management could have chosen to invest into meaningful, long-term R&D.; Instead, distribution became the domain of technology companies alone, who as a result, now control every aspect of how we get the news today.... An alternate 2046: News organizations had great opportunities back i…

Thank god for adblocking

Thank god for ad blocking... the handwringing and number-crunching over its impact on digital revenues...will change the conversation about revenue models for media companies. Newsrooms now regularly produce interactive and data-driven stories, launch podcasts, and experiment with new, structured formats... Longform storytelling is in a seriou…

Distributed platforms will be your new homepage

My prediction for 2016 is that distributed platforms and native environments will be more valuable than the traditional homepage.... Apple News and Apple TV, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Twitter Moments, Snapchat Discover, 360º video and VR, over-the-top TV, chat apps — these are all products, platforms, and programs developed (ish — G…

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post sign up to Blendle
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"Here's how Blendle works: Users register for Blendle and put in their credit-card details just once at the beginning of the process in which they create a newsfeed of stories about the topics in which they are interested. When they click on a headline, the app/website takes a small payment. And — perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole offe…

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