Happy Birthday, BloggingPortal(?)

Apparently tomorrow - apart from being Australia Day - is BloggingPortal's 3rd birthday. What does it's state tell us about the EU Online Public Space? How many more friends can I lose anyway?

That euroblogger influence survey (updated)

Any survey which lists my blog as a Top 20 'influential' blog (see Stuart's post and interview with the authors, and Jon's post) must be either very generous or not have more than 20 blogs to work with

Lisbon and the Euroblogosphere: my first use of the "c"-word

That's right - curation. Now officially Web2.0-buzzword-of-the-month (not quite sure which one).

How many eurobloggers can dance on the head of a pin?

So the debate about the Euroblogosphere, or the Eurosphere, or the European Public Sphere, or web2eu, or the European online public space, of whatever-we-call-it-next-week, has sparked again into life, like a Frankensteinian monster with dodgy spark plugs screwed into the base of its neck.

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