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The End of the Beginning of Digital Service Units – digital HKS – Medium

The End of the Beginning of Digital Service Units – digital HKS – Medium

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novelty and newness of these teams has worn off... growing acceptance ... that these teams are useful tool in driving new practices ... Less clear... is whether these units can enable the deeper digital transformation...
~ two key pieces of the puzzle: ... creating common platforms to power governments services is key to digital transformation over the long term... using an agile process to focus on users to power you through projects on the way there...
these two trends can be in competition.... Focusing on user’s satisfaction ... can turn digital services groups into web design shops that ... accomplish little in the way of deeper transformation... focusing exclusively on building platform services can be hard to pull off without real needs and users to validate against... not working on complete services cause units to not demonstrate short-term tangible benefits...
common challenge ... how they negotiate for buy-in within their own bureaucratic context. ... Some have grabbed power and authority ... can enforce standards ... and prevent poorly designed projects ... often creates major political challenges. ... Other teams focus on gently cajoling ... upsell the potential savings... trumpet the happiness of core users... home in on how shared services allow more differentiated value... it can also take time, and without enforcement mechanisms may ultimately prove too weak ...
expectations have been more appropriately calibrated... political masters now expect incremental wins on a project by project basis ...

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