How Nick Clegg is trying to fix Facebook’s global image
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Long but very interesting.

Social media's right wing bias is baked in to its business model
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@mariafarrell spells it out.

Nick Clegg: the Facebook fixer
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Great, largely sympathetic profile.

How Nick Clegg’s new job at Facebook shows Britain doesn’t matter any more to Big Tech
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Interesting point, which I didn't think of being too close to the Brussels trees.

Dead could outnumber the living on Facebook by 2098
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Ridiculous. I doubt that Facebook will last till 2028, never mind 2098!

Three and a half degrees of separation
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My number is 2.90 - less than Sheryl Sandberg.

Facebook: I want out
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@VioletBlue explains how Facebook endangers lives.

A 21st-Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone
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New solutions for a very old problem.

Why Facebook Is the Junk Food of Socializing
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So talk to a human instead!

The Tories' Strange Facebook Strategy
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It's not the (huge) cost, it's what they're spending it on.

Electoral campaigning via Facebook
Card image Moldova. #fb #li

Apply Magic Sauce
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Gets my gender & politics right, but thinks I am 27, single, & didn't study history or physics!

Inside the Facebook News Feed: A List of Algorithm Factors
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How to game the system.

How To Backup Your Facebook Data In 5 Easy Steps
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Warning: I have not tried this myself yet.

Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook
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I agree with most of this.

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How Facebook is screwing up the monetization of its users.

Facebook and Twitter: the art of unfriending or unfollowing people

Folks, every day is defriending amnesty day as far as I am concerned!

Securing your facebook profile
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Top tips (via @amcunningham).

Dumping Facebook: Why More People Are Leaving

The slide begins to accelerate...

Facebook Social Readers Are All Collapsing
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Good. I hate them.

13 Ways to Create a Cringeworthy Social Media Presence
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Aimed at marketing folks, but lessons here for us all!

Girls Around Me
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The dark side of the Facebook and Foursquare APIs.

It’s too late for Dave Winer and John Battelle to save the common web — Scobleizer
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Why the open web will wither and Facebook-like walled gardens have won.

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