How the SNP must change if Brexit Day is to be followed by Independence Day
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@ChrisDeerin sets our Sturgeon's challenge.

Fighting the good fight for Scotland
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@AlynSmith's valedictory thoughts as he leaves the European Parliament.

Nationalism, Brexit and the price of a Labour deal… Sturgeon sets out stall

“with Brexit, we’ve just seen the complete collapse of Westminster democracy as we know it.”

Britain’s Next Prime Minister Has Probably Already Lost Scotland

by @ACBerlin and @NewsJefferson.

The Union in Revolutionary Times
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Northern Ireland and the UK after Brexit. (And Scotland.) By @GerryLynch.

Tipping point. Why Scotland’s ultimate independence now looks inevitable
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The importance of Commons procedure.

The bizarre story of banknotes in the United Kingdom
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The oddities of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Dinosaur Discovered In Scotland Would Have Had Thick Accent, Scientists Confirm

LOL. Probably even more so for the Giants Causeway / Rathlin ones!

Chizhov: Don’t ask me if Russia plans to have an ambassador in Edinburgh –
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Russia has over centuries had a special relationship with Scotland. St. Andrew is the saint protector of both Scotland and the Russian navy. The Russian navy has the same flag as Scotland. Only the opposite combination of colours.

Scotland isn't different, it's Britain that's bizarre
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What's wrong with being normal?

Why did Brexit happen?

An ex-Yugoslav view from my former colleague @PedjaBajovic.

Brexit, devolution and legislative consent
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Holyrood and Stormont do *not* have a veto. #fb

How the Brexit referendum will impact on the SNP ... and everyone else
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My colleague Geoff opines.

Would the SNP win votes in the North East?
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Wishful thinking, I suspect.

There’s nothing new about nationalism
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The parallels between Parnell and the SNP.

Scotland the Grave
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Great piece by @b_judah for @POLITICOEUrope.

An SNP takeover? Whatever happened to democracy?
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Applying common sense (and satire).

Could Tactical Voting Scupper the SNP?
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In short: No.

Scotland's Colour Revolution?
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Ken MacLeod reflects.

Scottish prehistoric reptile discovered
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How the Union was almost lost: The inside story of the Scottish independence campaign's last 100 days
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In fairness to &telegraph, this is the sort of piece they do well. (Unionist side only, though.)

Britain on the brink: the real story of the Scottish referendum
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Excellent Guardian reporting.

Bob Purdie: 1940-2014
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I met him only once, in 1994(?) in Glasgow; a great personality.

Doctor Who and Glasgow
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University statement.

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