The boy on the bike
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Brilliant reporting by @andrew_r_gray on a civilian shot by US troops during the Iraq war.

The 10th-Century Baghdad Cookbook That’s a Poetic Tome to Food
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“there are more cookbooks in Arabic from before 1400 than in the rest of the world’s languages put together.”

It Takes More Than Money to Make a Marshall Plan
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Adjusting for inflation, US has spent 50% more on reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan than on the Marshall plan.

What Did the Kurds Get Out of the Referendum?

@JoostHiltermann explains.

What the war on terror looks like
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What's really happening in Iraq.

24 Hours at JFK: Two Iraqis’ Detainment and Release
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The reality of the #MuslimBan.

Basra, dystopian city

Well done, Bush and Blair.

Present at the Creation
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How ISIS really was created (part 1 of 3).

Chilcot Report: How Tony Blair Sold the War
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My former colleague @carneross.

Chilcot report: key points from the Iraq inquiry
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The brutal summary.

The Clash of Civilizations That Isn’t
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"The Iraq War, more than any other single factor, *created* ISIS."

Kurdistan: Ever closer to independence
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@TheEconomist explains.

Worse than a Defeat
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Britain's most recent military campaigns.

Who is to blame for Iraq’s problems?

In case you'd forgotten.

Surviving Baghdad: How a Resident Navigates Life in the City

Bush/Blair's legacy.

Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq

An accidental election technology specialist writes.

Take my money or die
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Hugh Pope reviews "We Meant Well: how I helped lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people".

Iraq, war and WikiLeaks: the real story | openDemocracy
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Iraq Body Count has patiently and consistently tabulated recorded deaths since the invasion. It has now conducted a preliminary analysis of a sample of the incidents recorded in the documents (including all the larger ones) (see Paul Rogers, “The harvest of war: from pain to gain”, 28 October 2010).This concludes that the logs both confirm the maj…

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