Why John McDonnell’s comparison of Julian Assange to Dreyfus is absurd and offensive
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Well put, by @KarenPollock100 of @HolocaustUK.

Are Progressives Being Played By WikiLeaks And Julian Assange?
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Yes, and have been for years.

Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange
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Fascinating and horrible.

Underground, by Suelette Dreyfus

See chapters 8 and 9 about Julian Assange.

Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is Wikileaks for Taking It Seriously - Max Fisher - International - The Atlantic
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"A friend who works in intelligence once joked that Stratfor is just The Economist a week later and several hundred times more expensive."

Carne Ross: Uncomfortable Lessons From the Reaction to WikiLeaks
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"The reactions to WikiLeaks share one abiding characteristic, so obvious that it can easily be overlooked, namely an unwillingness to address with any sophistication or seriousness the complex and everchanging world that the US -- and all of us -- must now deal with. The prevailing and lazy assumption is implied but all too clear: that the fo…

The Blast Shack
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"For diplomats, a massive computer leak is not the kind of sunlight that chases away corrupt misbehavior; it’s more like some dreadful shift in the planetary atmosphere that causes ultraviolet light to peel their skin away."

Robert Fisk: Stay out of trouble by not speaking to Western spies - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent

That La Clinton should want her State Department slaves to play secret agents on the poor old UN donkey – the beast that forever clip-clops on stage to mop up America's failed policies in the Middle East, this decrepit skyscraper on the East River packed with enough asbestos to kill a nation of peacekeepers, this bureaucratic shambles with it…

Why WikiLeaks Is Bad for Scholars - The Chronicle Review

I'm not sure that I really agree with Drezner. Many academic international relations specialists are far behind the reality of what is happening anyway. I hope Wikileaks may shake up the better ones and humble the worse ones. Sure, primary materials written now and made available in thirty years' time may become more guarded, but I am no…

democracyarsenal.org: The Wikileak That Didn't Bark
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This may only be a brief interlude, but it makes for a really interesting moment in which the spotlight is on real foreign policy instead of caricature.

Wikileaks (#cablegate) - Crikey, what a story | Carne Ross

1) this will damage US diplomacy, for sure; 2) it will damage several governments mentioned in the cables, especially Yemen (see this devastating telegram); 3) it will take a while and a lot of promises by US diplomats that their comms are really really secure this time for other diplomats to trust US diplomats with confidences again; 4) the cable…

Iraq, war and WikiLeaks: the real story | openDemocracy
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Iraq Body Count has patiently and consistently tabulated recorded deaths since the invasion. It has now conducted a preliminary analysis of a sample of the incidents recorded in the documents (including all the larger ones) (see Paul Rogers, “The harvest of war: from pain to gain”, 28 October 2010).This concludes that the logs both confirm the maj…

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