Can Brain Science Help Us Break Bad Habits?
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the task of sustaining positive behaviors and quelling negative ones as involving an interplay of decisions and unconscious factors. Our minds... have “multiple separate but interconnected mechanisms ... we are aware only of our decision-making ability... the “introspection illusion”... may be why we overestimate its power...someone learning a tas…

Social Media Is a Denial-of-Service Attack on Your Mind
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these technologies ... kind of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on the human will. Our phones are the operating system for our life. They keep us looking and clicking... wears down certain capacities, like willpower... repeated distractions lower people’s effective IQ by up to 10 points... over twice ... that ... from long-term marijuana usage....…

Is Willpower a Finite Resource, or a Myth?
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Seeing willpower as a muscle-like force does seem to match up with some limited examples... the analogy is reinforced by social expectations ... But these ideas also have a pernicious effect, distracting us from more accurate ways of understanding human psychology and even detracting from our efforts toward meaningful self-control... Willpower-bas…

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