The problem with deepfakes? People don't care what's real | WIRED UK
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Investigates the endgame of the infocopalypse brought by deep fakes - "When anything may be real or fake, will we still care to find out the difference, or will we just see what we want to believe?" - ie are we destined to be ruled by our desirability bias, which "means we tend to believe first, then look for things that support tho…

Is it Hot Enough Yet? – Albert Bates – Medium
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Comey had told the nuclear industry’s spokesmen to become credible they must tell the truth... gave the same advice to the anti-nuke stalwarts ... He warned us that we didn’t need to embellish the truth. It was our strongest ally... our ally alone... he was perfectly confident that the nuclear industry would never follow his advice, would never te…

The Case for More Intellectual Humility
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The objectivity that matters so much in science is not primarily a characteristic of individual scientists but of scientific communities. Scientists rarely refute their own pet hypotheses... Their fellow scientists will be happy to expose these hypotheses to severe testing... Not being afraid of being wrong... is a value we could promote... Intel…

Seeking truth among 'alternative facts'
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There are always “alternative facts.” What matters is how we decide which of those alternative facts are most likely to be true... Conway’s statement based ... on a much older tradition of deciding what is true: the argument from authority.... the culmination of a long retreat from the scientific perspective on truth... pitted against creationist…

I am in full agreement that it is a self-organizing system
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Where things get interesting is to consider the deep cognitive mechanisms that shape the emergence of truth networks where a coherent shared set of understandings, assumptions, and beliefs are in play.

Phantasmagoria – Medium
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the reality-based community... people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality... That’s not the way the world really works anymore... We’re an empire... we create our own reality. ... Trump is building on the foundation laid by Karl Rove and other great American fabulists, but he’s doing something funda…

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