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The problem with deepfakes? People don't care what's real | WIRED UK

The problem with deepfakes? People don't care what's real | WIRED UK

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Investigates the endgame of the infocopalypse brought by deep fakes - "When anything may be real or fake, will we still care to find out the difference, or will we just see what we want to believe?" - ie are we destined to be ruled by our desirability bias, which "means we tend to believe first, then look for things that support those beliefs"?

Introducing the “Liars’ Dividend": there can now always be some doubt about any footage, and trying to establish that it's real can always "stir up the possibility that it’s fake".

Maybe we'll always be able to spot deep fakes, but it requires effort so maybe we'll all just shrug our shoulders, decide you can never know the truth, and simply believe what we choose to believe - "reality apathy". It's usually more comfortable than the actual truth, anyway.

In fact, we do that already. Deep fakes will simply make it easier.

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