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Seeking truth among 'alternative facts'

Seeking truth among 'alternative facts'

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There are always “alternative facts.” What matters is how we decide which of those alternative facts are most likely to be true... Conway’s statement based ... on a much older tradition of deciding what is true: the argument from authority.... the culmination of a long retreat from the scientific perspective on truth...
pitted against creationists ... argument from ... the authority of the first two chapters of Genesis. I did not recognize that argument at the time, and tried to counter it with scientific facts.... did not work because we ... were using different methods of judging what is and what is not a fact... Empirical data carry little weight against an argument from authority. And the reverse is true too...Showing something to be false by “fact checking” has little impact on those whose facts are determined by authority. If we want to undermine the argument from authority we cannot do it through science – we have to do it by undermining the authority itself.

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