Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Teach Your Team to Tell Better Stories
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Bezos and his team ... removed PowerPoint ... Instead, they distribute six-page narrative-based memos, that all attendees read in silence at the start of each meeting... "Reports should be distributed, presentations should be presented." ... if a report primarily conveys information, then stories produce an experience... facts and stories can be …

5 Ways to not write a useful report
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Writing a report full of recommendations? Watch out for these 5 classic mistakes.- first of four posts written in reaction to Luc van den Brande’s Reaching out to EU Citizens: A New Opportunity.

No One is Reading Your PDFs!

Seems incredible to me, over 15 years after first setting out thematically organised, 'web first, print maybe' publishing strategies for the EC, that so many organisations are still defaulting to PDFs online. "a recent World Bank report on the consumption and distribution of their reports ... confirms ... that many PDFs are never downloaded. Som…

Dire Digital Picture: NYT Internal Report
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"... technical weaknesses in the paper’s backend: The lack of an organized system of tags to organize stories’ metadata ..."

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