Politico’s Brexit strategy will become blueprint for future expansion plays - Digiday
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Politico may be a niche title, but its European expansion has been fast.... A blend of carefully timed Brexit-related editorial and new distribution methods gave its traffic a timely 300 percent boost in June... Twenty percent from the U.K.Its Brexit strategy will now become a blueprint for all future expansion plays,

Can Politico replace Mike Allen at ‘Playbook’?

Allen tucked favorable mentions of prominent “Playbook” sponsors into his editorial offerings... a State Department official essentially ghost-wrote an item for “Playbook.”The skinny: Mike Allen ran a press-release mill for vested interests in Washington... a weekly sponsorship for the newsletter falls somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000... Ev…

Politico wants to save journalism in the U.S. and around the world
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The Politico founders certainly can’t be accused of lacking in hubris. But they have the track record to back much of that up: Since they left the Washington Post in 2007 to join the new company, which was backed by broadcasting executive Robert Allbritton, Politico has become a significant force on the national media landscape. - Politico want…

Politico launches The Agenda

"Welcome to The Agenda, POLITICO’s new home for the daily conversation around the ideas reshaping the country ... an engaging daily policy magazine that tracks the Washington conversation as it happens ... watch for our deep-dive monthly issue packages, where we identify a major decision point for American leaders and bring together original i…

Politico moves inot 'Brand Journalism'
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"Stephanie Losee, who helped build Dell's content-driven marketing and held the title of managing editor, has joined Politico as its executive director of brand content... Politico Focus will not only help advertisers create content butwill not only help advertisers create content but also provide services around data and research" - Politico H…

The birth of POLITICO Europe
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"The much fussed-over crisis in media isn’t the crisis of journalism. "Printing yesterday’s news on paper and slapping an ad on it — that’s a 19th-century formula, and in 2015 there are reporters and executives who are surprised the model isn’t working. The nostalgia for a past that was a very comfortable one at the beginning of our careers and so…

Politico Preparing To Launch European Site In April
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"editors have tapped senior EU correspondent Ryan Heath to write a morning column on "what's driving the daily political conversation on this side of the Atlantic," a product similar to Mike Allen's Playbook. "

POLITICOEU buys European Voice (Press release)

"POLITICO and Axel Springer, the owners of the POLITICO joint venture in Europe, announced today that they have acquired EUROPEAN VOICE and will rebrand the respected Brussels publication as POLITICO in the spring of 2015." - POLITICO & Axel Springer Announce Joint Acquisition of European Voice - POLITICO Press Release

Politico’s Strategy for Europe: Overwhelming Force
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"... renamed European Voice ... a series of subscription-based newsletters à la Washington and a web site with free content. ... “Our subscriptions are with individuals, companies, trade associations, lobbyists, they’ve got a lot of money ... This is not news for your mother, unless you’re mother’s a lobbyist. Or your father, unless your father’s…

POLITICO details Europe venture

"The new publication, with a mission of "covering the politics, policies and personalities in the EU and the continent's most powerful nations," according to POLITICO C.E.O. Jim VandeHei, will take the flagship's model of high-volume politics and policy news and tailor it to a European audience through a combination of free digital content, a subs…

Politico, HBR, Guardian redesigns: who wins?
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"Politico has redesigned its website for the first time in its seven year history, and The Guardian's U.S. recent refresh marks the first time it's redesigned almost entirely in public, with its readers' input. Here's a look at the thinking behind the redesigns, and what the publishers were able to pull off." - Politico, HBR, The Guardian: W…

NYT & Axel Springer invest €3 million in Blendle
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Perhaps a glimpse of Axel Springer's plans for @politicoEU? "Publishers set the prices for how much each of their articles cost, and keep 70 percent of the revenue generated from those stories. Blendle takes the other 30 percent. " - The New York Times Co. and Axel Springer are investing €3 million in Dutch startup Blendle » Nieman Journalism Lab

Politico to add new policy shop

"We already have The Upshot, Vox.com, Wonkblog, FiveThirtyEight and other policy-heavy news sites. This news space will get a touch more crowded early next year, when Politico launches “The Agenda.”... Given all the bureaucratic hives at Politico — “core” Politico, the magazine, “The Agenda” and Politico Pro — it’ll need as many executive editors…

POLITICO promotes two amid expansion in Europe, U.S.
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"Danielle Jones and Miki King have been named executive vice president for expansion and executive vice president for operations, respectively. Jones, who has been with POLITICO since its first year and was most recently deputy editor in chief, will lead POLITICO's expansion efforts into other states as well as the previously announced European …

Springer/Politico: 10 strategic challenges
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The first of 4 (so far!) posts on "PoliticoEU" by EurActiv's founder/publisher Christophe Leclercq: "This new attempt is by two large companies with a lot of money and with professional teams. A difference with some, but not all, previous attempts. And an asset but potentially also a curse, depending on answering 10 key questions." - EuRoman…

Will Politico fill a media void in Europe?
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"Politico is launching a European edition ... with ... Axel Springer... to cover “not just Brussels but European politics and policy more broadly,”" CJR sees a few problems ahead: "- the 28 member countries have distinct identities and interests, so a one-size-fits-all outlet does not necessarily fit anyone... - the European Union has no shared…

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