Inside The New York Times' new push notifications team - Digiday
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the first article in a series on “The Mobile Publisher,” a look at how publishers are tackling challenges in the shift to mobile, from design to content to monetization... People may spend most of their mobile screen time on apps, but the vast majority of that time is spent on just five apps. Meantime, publishers that haven’t invested in mobile a…

Arriving this summer. Circa, a new way to do news!

Read the same documents our reporters gathered. Watch the video out-takes of an interview, or take a 360-degree virtual reality adventure. Test your knowledge about complex issues with a quiz. Sound off about issues, interacting through polls and emoticons or by leaving a comment. We’ll give you the tools and access to become involved, either in d…

Your favorite websites can now send notifications to Chrome on Android
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websites that support Chrome push notifications can send out updates that look and feel like regular app updates even if the Chrome browser isn't currently active on an Android device.. it requires an HTML5 feature called a Service Worker ... notifications will work on desktop and on Android, but not on iOS.... it will be up to web developers to …

Refinery29 Debuts Morning News Round-Up
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the new application is to deliver a round-up of curated news stories to readers, meant to be viewed first thing in the morning ... presented on eight different cards... the app’s content is able to be digested fairly quickly. Users can ... clicking a link to view the longer article, but they can also just use Refinery29 This AM to flip through car…

Let's say goodbye to pointless, ill-timed, endless push notifications

Using push notifications can be a very effective and powerful way to gain and maintain audience engagement on mobile apps. But if not done correctly, they can turn out to be utterly irritating. ... Personalization is the way forward if push notifications are to survive. 

Dim Future for Mobile Apps
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Nothing here about geolocation, augmented reality ... but good points anyway. Via @nosemonkey ""In a world where notifications are full experiences in and of themselves, the screen of app icons makes less and less sense... Why open the Facebook app when you can get the content as a notification and take action... right there at the notification o…

The Fourth Screen: How Smartwatches Could Be Used for Ads
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"In order for a smartwatch ad message to work, it has to be delivered at just the right time, place and location that makes sense. What's more, a user has to have opted in to receive such a message. The only way this could happen is via advanced hypertargeting."

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