The scale of misinformation online is global. First Draft is pushing for more collaboration — and more research — as an antidote » Nieman Journalism Lab

a report published with the Council of Europe... offers better categorizations for the tangle of bad information ... more specific than “fake news” ... [for] The U.S. midterms ... build out a hub ... monitoring disinformation, connecting with newsrooms around the country... we can start scaling it globally in 2019... The benefit of having centrali…

Fake news. It's complicated. - First Draft News
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the term fake doesn’t begin to describe the complexity of the different types of misinformation (the inadvertent sharing of false information) and disinformation (the deliberate creation and sharing of information known to be false)... once you start breaking these categories down and mapping them against one another you begin to see distinct patt…

The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed (by @baekdal) #analysis
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The public is no longer uninformed. They are misinformed, and that requires an entirely different editorial focus ... just reporting the news doesn't actually solve the public's needs. Now your focus must be on explaining the news instead.... the newspaper is stuck in an existential crisis ... stop being a newspaper and start being something el…

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