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The scale of misinformation online is global. First Draft is pushing for more collaboration — and more research — as an antidote » Nieman Journalism Lab

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a report published with the Council of Europe... offers better categorizations for the tangle of bad information ... more specific than “fake news” ... [for] The U.S. midterms ... build out a hub ... monitoring disinformation, connecting with newsrooms around the country... we can start scaling it globally in 2019... The benefit of having centralized monitoring is that you’re keeping newsrooms from that duplication. You’re also bringing accountability....
research about potential backfire effects for verification efforts... pretty substantial body of evidence ... how we design the debunks, how we involve audiences, how much of the process we make public...
really concerned about closed messaging apps, particularly non-political misinformation, such as rumors around health and science... Augmented reality is going to become a huge issue — the use of artificial intelligence to automate manipulation technologies, or ... monitoring...
We need... algorithmic accountability and transparency.... really, really, really hate the term fake news....Are we talking about disinformation? Are we talking about misinformation? Are we talking about pollution? Are we talking about propaganda?

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