Did LinkedIn go Klout on us?

Daily I now see posts published authors on LinkedIn that praise the value of finding out your "SSI". . .. while at the same time gently but not so quietly promoting what their score is... I believe the "one percenters" tag is entirely relative since each of have a completely different network from anyone else in the world. - Did LinkedIn go …

How Klout Is Twerking Your Mind About Influence - InNetwork

"By calling social scores “Influence Scores,” companies like Klout have set expectations in the market that influence can be measured with scoring algorithms. However, influence is much more complex. By setting the wrong expectations, social scoring companies have changed how marketing and PR professionals think about influence, and how to identi…

What is influence? or, Why I don't care about my Klout score (updated)

The subject of Klout has come up a few times on Twitter, so I'm posting this so I can point people toward a few articles I've found useful. Something I can't do in 140 characters. Which proves my eventual point.

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