RUN, don’t walk away from that $5/hour dev shop – The Startup – Medium
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they had on-site Project Managers (PMs) and looked like a professional, full-service firm, but they outsourced the actual dev work to $5/hour shops and freelancers.... so-called “expert” firms and consultants only pretend to have in-house dev teams...Smart, experienced software engineers are keen problem solvers. They’re incredibly valuable... A …

I need terrible female engineers
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A really good perspective on the various "Women in IT" initiatives and how some actually make it harder, not easier: "I can’t get behind the idea that we are looking for good, sweet girls to turn into programmers. We belong in this field because we’re people who deserve a shot, not because we are geniuses. We don’t deserve to be in this industry …

Start with user needs, not government needs
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"Government around the world is pretty good at thinking about its own needs — they often put their political needs followed by the policy needs. The actual machine of government comes second. The third need then generally becomes the system needs, so the IT or whatever system’s driving it... the user comes a poor fourth, really." Turning that ups…

Responsibility for's IT problems lie with dot gov
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File this under “Next time someone says they do it better in America”... “Everything about the way the government builds large technical projects contrasts unfavorably”... a management not a technology failure. Obama’s error was not to empower technologists to tell him the truth

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