How the Media Could Get the Election Story Wrong - The New York Times
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time to rethink “election night.”... Pennsylvania may be counting mail-in ballots for weeks, while President Trump tweets false allegations about fraud ... already ... called mail-in voting into question with false claims about fraud ...[in the US] the media actually assembles the results from 50 states... declares a victor... establishes the narr…

1,913,369 Ballots Thrown Away - Greg Palast
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It’s official: 1,913,369 ballots were cast but never counted in the 2016 presidential race. That’s from the US Elections Assistance Commission... your chance of having your vote simply go uncounted, “spoiled,” is 900% higher if you're Black than if you're white...Donald Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes... 75,355 ballots were never cou…

Tech Giants Prepared for 2016-Style Meddling. But the Threat Has Changed. - The New York Times
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big tech companies have spent the past three years working to avoid a repeat of 2016... struggling to handle the new challenges of 2020...foreign governments ... are now using ... bots that are nearly impossible to distinguish from hyperpartisan Americans... partisan groups in the United States have borrowed Russia’s 2016 playbook ... tough calls …

Brussels Bubble triumphalism over #EUelections2019 turnout
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The Brussels Bubble triumphalism over the #EUelections2019 turnout rate is staggeringly self-absorbed.- thread

Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by report on fake news | Technology | The Guardian
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Facebook deliberately broke privacy and competition law and should urgently be subject to statutory regulation, according to a devastating parliamentary report...The Cambridge Analytica scandal was facilitated by Facebook’s policies

How can the EU support its superheroes?
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“So I and fellow Australian-in-Brussels Richard Medic decided to ask some friends to help answer a couple of questions: How can the EU support its superheroes, without destroying their credibility in the process? And under what conditions should it even try?”

Eight things we learned from the ‘social media’ election

The real story might have been that data played a more important role than social media... reports that smart campaigns used data intelligently to target the right voters with the right messages... This combination of data and social media, with more traditional campaigning techniques will surely develop still further in the next few years. …

MyVote2014: European Parliament voting calculator based on data
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"The MyVote 2014 tool is the latest in a series of tools of this sort ... but this time it’s different in one crucial way: MyVote 2014 uses data about MEPs have voted in the past (between 2009 and now to be precise), and uses this as the data for the tool. This makes the outcomes of the MyVote 2014 tool more solid than previous efforts. Rather tha…

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