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Why it’s hard to get started with Obsidian | Medium

Why it’s hard to get started with Obsidian | Medium

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Really good but short piece on how most "Note-taking apps have ways they want you to work, a grain you should follow. Except Obsidian... an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for text files ... [not] a note-taking app... an integrated thinking environment. ".

Hence you have to set it up to support the way you want to work, rather than going "with the grain" as you do with most apps: "Evernote and OneNote want you to organize things as pages in notebooks. Roam Research, Logseq, and Reflect want you to start everything from a daily note...".

What I want from MyHub's back office is a thinking tool where the grain explicitly focuses on helping writers, and thinkers generally, to produce publishable text. Rather than simply create a second brain of interconnected notes which makes you think that you're learning and thinking, but is so complex that it doesn't result in anything much.

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