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"AI-generated advice represents a huge shift"

  • convenience: whereas a google search inundates you with results mixed with spam, splog and ads, "ChatGPT streamline this process... people choose convenience over almost anything else... [cf]Fogg’s behavior model: Behavior = Motivation × Ability × Prompt". With AI, it's finally possible to follow the classic advice of “start small”: all it takes is typing a prompt to get started to begin learning and changing
  • Personalization: unlike books and blogs, the conversation "allows you to ask follow-up questions and make adjustments ... [and] a feeling of connection ... eerily similar to human contact... someone (something?) is paying attention to your progress and rooting for you.
  • Continuous improvement
  • API-integration, amplifying impact
  • more trustworthy (for now) than ad-driven, disinfo-filled social networks and other information products.

"It’s a mistake to look at the technology as it exists today and extrapolate ... look at the general improvement curve ... it’s important to not let snarky tweets cloud our vision for how the future could be better than the past. "

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