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Roaming through contexts with Roam: How I use it - strategic structures

Roaming through contexts with Roam: How I use it - strategic structures

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A "How I use it" from Ivo. "Roam changed the game [by] ... treating the data as a graph ... [and] allowing blocks to quickly be nested, referred to, embedded, created from a piece of text in a block, appear in the sidebar, being searched and queried".

Ivo developed a way of ontologising his Roam graph: "In the context of a block, I know if I mean Paris the city, or Paris the street, or Paris the square, or Paris the cafe... but I want to let my graph know that as well".

Referring to the person Alice, "I make a statement [is a::] [[Person]]... defined in my ontology, [is a::] as a [[Property]] and [[Person]] as a [[Class]], using again the typing relationship [is a::]. This way [[Alice]] [is a::] [[Person]], [[is a]] [is a::] [[Property]], [[Person]] [is a::] [[Class]], and also [[Property]] [is a::] [[Class]]."

The ontology is an "emergent ontology RIO (Roam Internal Ontology)", but "If RIO gives semantics to my knowledge graph, who will give semantics to RIO?... [so] I defined another ontology, ROCO: ROam COre ontology... gives explicit semantics to RIO, which in turn gives explicit semantics to the rest of my knowledge graph. imitating RDFS, OWL, and SKOS, ROCO defines the classes of Property and Class, and properties such as [is a::], [same as::], [subClassOf::], [subPropertyOf::], [described by::]... fewer than twenty terms"

As a result, the block ""The range axiom will limit the reuse of this property #Issue" means “The range axiom will limit the reuse of this property” [is a:] #Issue... so this block is an instance of the class [[Issue]]... [as] the fact that [[Issue]] is a class is stated on the Issue page with [is a::] [[Class]], along with the declaration that it is defined by RIO and sometimes subclass and equivalence declarations."

And that's a selected summary of the ontological approach he uses: the full post also covers daily notes, tasks, projects, research, integrations, etc. It is massively complex and almost completely unintelligible to anyone without equivalent Roam mastery. They by definition have their own system, but I am sure they could benefit from it, so if that's you check it out while the rest of us mere mortals give up less than halfway in.

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