Piloting a cross-silo, sharing-based Newsroom for the EC

Piloting a cross-silo, sharing-based Newsroom for the EC

Part of the pilot Thematic Portal projectI ran while at the EC’s DG INFSO, the Newsroom CMS was the first cross-EC CMS, and involved launching user ‘INFSO accounts’ before Google had 'Google accounts’.

Ec newsroom from Mathew Lowry

A sophisticated workflow allows different people in different parts of the organisation to internally share and (re)publish content online wherever relevant, regardless of organisational siloes. It made the Thematic Portal the first EC site to publish RSS and (customisable) XML feeds, and also published to several different sites and domains.

It also published and managed a multitude of Portal enewsletters, which users could manage via a one stop shop, maximising cross-subscriptions and reaping huge economies of scale in terms of user data management.

It is still in use - and is still evolving - today, well beyond the end of the pilot Thematic Portal, with the code re-used by many other parts of the EC.

I revisited the topic in 2017

Today Newsroom is used by almost 2000 EC publishers, publishes into over 60 environments, and manages 600,000 subscribers of over 200 newsletters.
- What the EU’s Mobile Roaming success taught me about innovation in bureaucracies.

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