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Marketing Beyond Cookies cartoon

Marketing Beyond Cookies cartoon

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A simple cartoon can spark a lot of thinking: what happens after "the “Cookiepocalypse” — when Google Chrome follows up on its promise to cut support for the third-party cookie by 2022"?

My preferred answer is: better content marketing? Actually providing value to people, rather than surveilling and stalking them around the web?

Others parts of this include:

  • "contextual targeting — placing ads adjacent to relevant content" - which should also reward good content creation
  • "collecting 'first-party' data."

This is directly relevant to the direction I want to take myhub, which will transform it into a tool to help you:

  1. think creatively and make better notes
  2. read and curate the best content
  3. write original content
  4. and keep it evergreen

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