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Is There a Narrative Vacuum Surrounding Climate Change?

Is There a Narrative Vacuum Surrounding Climate Change?

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Each side of the climate debate accuses the other of exaggeration and suffers from its own... sometimes feel like a shouting match in a roomful of children wearing earplugs... We have allowed our political, national, economic, and cultural narratives free play ... where... are the narratives from science itself? Where is the science teacher?...
people see the stories of heroes and villains, where there are really just networks and graphs... Climate cannot be experienced directly through our senses... climate is a constructed idea ... from the portrayal of flood myths ... to our association of storms and earthquakes with emotional states... more than a mathematical average of weather... the cultural and physical meanings of climate have become so separated... we revert to old narratives...the virtues and evils of capitalism... divine control, nationalist values...
successful assimilation of broad narratives from astronomy and genetics reminds us how powerful science narrative can be... science communicators “often assume that a lack of information and understanding explains the lack of public concern and engagement, and that therefore more information and explanation is needed to move people to action.”...
that understanding of how we know what we know is so critical ... [if] you just say ‘here’s the answer,’ now they can go onto the web and dial up an alternate answer.

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