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If You Want to Master Generative AI, Ignore All (But Two) Tools

If You Want to Master Generative AI, Ignore All (But Two) Tools

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Borrowing heavily from an article "about social media platform saturation inspired by the craze to sign up on Threads (only to sign out a week later).", Alberto Romero does the same for generative AI to explain "why it isn’t worth getting generative AI fatigue.

After providing a potted timeline of the release of the major LLMs for the past 6 months to show how "The parallelism is uncanny: the exact same phenomenon happening with social media is happening with generative AI tools... driven by the fear of missing out... overwhelming information... the desperation not to be left behind...".

Following the 80/20 rule, he decided "to avoid generative AI fatigue... [which] isn't to deny that on any given day I may want to use Bing’s search bar or Claude’s 100,000-token context window or GPT-4’s reasoning abilities or Bard’s prompt multimodality or Pi’s high emotional sensitivity or Character’s versatile array of personalities… But ... Do I really need all of them? In no time, they will be pretty much indistinguishable... from a tiny bunch of big companies."

If you must, try some tools "and you will see that sticking to a couple of them is enough ... My three criteria are ability (what am I good at?), preference (what do I like to do?), and activity (what do I need it for?) ... having to analyze the news every week to see if the new thing is 0.1% better ... is exhausting".

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