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I Trained ChatGPT on My Notes To Create Content. Here’s What Happened

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Like me, the author has "been taking notes for over a decade ...ended up with thousands of notes that I never revisited. So I decided to train ChatGPT on my 3,743 Obsidian notes", which were created for "one purpose: content creation. So I use an improved version of the Zettelkasten".

Apparently there are just 3 ways to use AI in your notes:

  1. ... within each note ... features like: completion, summarizing, rewriting, etc." Like me, the author's not a fan, as these features disengage your mind from the content, and you won't "“own” and internalize the information".
  2. "find relevant notes/link notes together" - the author finds no added value here, but perhaps because he used one particular plugin and has a very specific, "one link per note" rule for content discovery
  3. "Use AI to interact with your notes... uploads your notes to OpenAI and trains GPT on it... you can then interact with your notes within Obsidian... [via] a chat window ... if you start the chat with “based on my notes”". However, "it missed on a bunch of other insights ... I was disappointed"

PS the plugin tested in (3) was probably Smart Connections:

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