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How To Create A Successful Artificial Intelligence Strategy

How To Create A Successful Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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What are you exactly looking for? ... better internal processes like Accounts? ... improve customer experience? ... do you need some insights into product design? Are there specific tasks that are repetitive, error-prone, and basically boring, or tasks where a little help can make your employees more efficient? ... a chisel can be used to build any kind of statue. But to succeed, an AI strategy has to be part of an overarching business plan....
Training is what differentiates AI from data analysis and other traditional software applications... AI is great at solving specific, well-defined problems... AI does away with the repetitive, dull parts of the job, but this doesn’t always mean you’ll require less staff...
If you don’t already have solid data practices ... you’re unlikely to have useful data. You’ll need to identify data sources, build data pipelines, clean and prepare data, identify potential signals in your data, and measure your results...
an AI team requires ... a data engineer to organize this information, a data scientist who investigates this information and a software engineer who implements the applications.... it’s simple to think training is one-time, get it done and forget thing. It isn’ need to account for retraining.

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