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Hierarchy of Engagement, Expanded | by Sarah Tavel | Medium

Hierarchy of Engagement, Expanded | by Sarah Tavel | Medium

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"A framework for building enduring products"

Level 1 is to focus on growing uses completing the core action, which forms the product's foundation, usually correlates with retention. So design features which optimise for people completing the core action.

Level 2 - retain users by creating

  • accruing benefits: customer usage improves their UX
  • mounting losses if they stopped using it: dependence, productivity, identity, loss of accrued value

Level 3: self-perpetuating - do "existing users create virtuous loops in the product as they engage with it"? Loops include

  • network effect (strongest): better results from more users/usage
  • user growth: users recruit friends who recruit friends
  • re-engagement: users get other users to re-engage (eg search results boosted dormant users)

Best metric: cohort performance.

  • How many users complete core action
  • %active users complete core action

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