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Ditch Your Leadership Program and Do Holacracy

Ditch Your Leadership Program and Do Holacracy

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A great manager is someone that pushes you to fulfill your own potential. What you if you could do that for yourself? ... ... develop a strong understanding of your areas for growth and regularly invite ... feedback on your work? Would your team mates be willing to hold you accountable ... What if you invited coworkers to surface tensions directly with you? ... If all of this sounds hard — it’s because it is. It’s much easier to assign everyone a manager and in exchange for a pay bump and a little bit of glory, let them become the scapegoats for your company... Holacracy is one system, but it’s not the only one. Companies like Valve, Spotify and MorningStar all have integrated principles of self-management into their companies with strong results. It’s no surprise that more agile, self-organized companies are more productive, and ultimately more profitable. - Ditch Your Leadership Program and Do Holacracy — About Holacracy — Medium

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