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Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls - ConfTube

Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls - ConfTube

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After pointing out that mainstream - ie centralised - social platforms cannot moderate effectively due to scale, then introduces fediverse/activitypub-based platforms. Will they face same moderation problems as the mainstream if/when they grow?

Takes Gab's unsuccessful move into fediverse as an example: "Almost immediately, Gab was met by a dedicated movement to isolate ... largely successful; within a year, the Gab CTO announced they would leave the Fediverse." The Fediverse platforms have:

1) codes of conduct at the instance level: providing flexibility - different rules on different instances for different people's different needs, and rapidly updated as part of their community's conversation

2) human moderation: according to a poll, it's much faster on mastodon, but is that just because of smaller size - average instance is under 1000 members, with most having a 1:150 moderator:member ratio. Moderators are members, embedded in the social context.

3) using effective tools: on Mastodon and many others - usually discussion, sometimes silencing someone, and in extreme circumstancing defederating someone or an entire server from one's server. PeerTube has fewer tools.

When Gab shoed up, most defederated. Some defederated from servers which didn't defederate from Gab. Result: communities of communities.

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