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Pretty good explanation of ActivityPub from Darius Kazemi: "ActivityPub describes ways for social network sites to talk to each other... [from] sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat... [to] New York Times ... Spotify. Basically any site where individual "users" create content and other people can subscribe to it could be ActivityPub compliant...

While "there will always be network effects of a kind", in the resulting Fediverse "the loop isn't "more people attract more people", it's "more people begets better software which attracts more people"".

There's more than one standard: "a "federated" social network might be using ActivityPub, or ... a different protocol like OStatus... one can't talk to the other."

But when this starts working, innovation happens, "a flourishing of different kinds of software for different kinds of people... what does it look like to follow a Twitter style account from a YouTube style account? ... What happens when blog posts start getting published on ActivityPub?".

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