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Cal Newport on finding focus in the age of distraction | Dropbox Blog

Cal Newport on finding focus in the age of distraction | Dropbox Blog

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a unique productivity philosophy called deep work. He carefully blocked out his day, and created space for long, uninterrupted hours to write ... tactics like travelling on foot to give himself more time in isolation and actively sought out isolated spaces to work... his latest book, Digital Minimalism...
there's an implicit reward for the shallow because it's visible....If you're visibly busy then you can make the argument that at least I'm not slacking off.... how do we restructure the modern knowledge work organization to actually be focused on optimizing cognitive output...
shift some or all of the shallow work to AI ... it's gonna reduce the number of people we need in the creative field... We might just find many more places in which we can now insert high and creative thinking.... That's the optimistic way of looking at it. ...
We figured out that processed food and junk food make people sick... But simple advice—eat less, eat healthier—wasn't getting it done. [The pull of processed food] was so powerful ... the healthiest person you know almost certainly has a named philosophy of health and fitness... Paleo or Vegan or Crossfitter... philosophy that's based on values they can believe in ... we basically need the digital equivalent of Veganism or Paleo or crossfit... an actual philosophy of technology use...
IndieWeb movement... have your own domain... there might be some sort of portal that you log into to help arrange content from a lot of people's privately owned servers into a way that maybe it looks like a social media feed but they don't own any of the information.

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