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Beyond hierarchy & holacracy

Beyond hierarchy & holacracy

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An excellent tour of management structures from hierarchy to holacracy, with some criticisms of the latter: "Hierarchies do authority incredibly well... but have some big flaws. They become slow, with decisions taking an eternity to pass up and down the ranks. Innovation from the edges is stifled by top-down control and bureaucracy.... So in the post-industrial world we ... created matrix organisations so information and control can flow across the organisation... flattened the hierarchies ... Managers adopt a coaching, empowering style, listen as well as instruct.... But these are merely tweaks.... in today’s drive towards more networked, responsive organisations... Sociocracy is finally having its day, with its proprietary cousin Holacracy getting a lot of buzz... But these new models come with a huge, debilitating flaw. Authority has become a taboo..." Read why: - Beyond hierarchy & holacracy: Truly responsive organisations love authority — Medium

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