What's an Overview?


What's an Overview?

Each Overview is composed of two visible parts:

  • a typical web page: title and body (optional)
  • followed by a Collection: all the Resources you've Hubbed with at least one tag in the Overview's 'tag bundle'.

The idea comes from the Zettelkasten approach to Personal Knowledge Management, where Overviews (or Indexes) not only summarise your understanding of a concept but also link to all your notes relevant to that concept.

A good example is my Zettelkasten Overview of... Zettelkasten.

Where do they appear?

Whenever your Hub displays a Resource with a tag in an Overview's tag bundle, the Overview will appear in the left hand column under "Relevant Overviews".

And you can put as many or as few Overviews as you want in the navigation phrase - they'll appear in the dropdown.

How do I manage them?

  • Login
  • Click on Profile (top right) and select "My overviews"
  • Click "Add Overview" to create a new one
  • In the list of existing Overviews you can
    • edit an existing Overview
    • make it appear in the navigation phrase dropdown
    • change the order in the navigation phrase dropdown by simply dragging them up and down in the list

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