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AI-Generated Text Is the Scariest Deepfake of All | WIRED

AI-Generated Text Is the Scariest Deepfake of All | WIRED

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GPT-3... AI that can produce shockingly human-sounding (if at times surreal) sentences... imagine a future in which the vast majority of the written content ... is produced by machines... adjust, and adapt, to a new level of unreality ...

video may turn out to be the easiest to detect ... Politicians will now be able to dismiss real, scandalous videos as artificial constructs ...

synthetic text... more challenging frontier... easy to generate in high volume... fewer tells to enable detection... stitch a blanket of pervasive lies ...

Seeing a lot of people express the same point of view... same time or ... place, can convince observers that everyone feels a certain way... the majority illusion...

undetectable textfakes—masked as regular chatter ... far more subtle... prevalent... sinister... manufacture a majority opinion... with minimal potential for detection ... algorithmically generated content receives algorithmically generated responses, which feeds into algorithmically mediated curation systems that surface information based on engagement. Our trust in each other is fragmenting, and polarization is increasingly prevalent.

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