BBC - Travel - Georgia’s giant dumpling born from conquest
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Fascinating. The origin of ხინკალი Khinkali!

How the Netherlands Feeds the World
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Amazing. Well worth a read.

Why One Island Grows 80% of the World's Vanilla

Not a pretty answer.

NATO under attack — from bad food
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Hilarious - can’t wait to try it myself.

I Dream of Pop-Tarts
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Me too. (Did I say that out loud?)

The great nutrient collapse
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This is really frightening. #fb

The mystery of the lost Roman herb
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Whatever happened to silphium?

How Breakfast Became a Thing
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A marketing success.

Raw Data from the Meat Atlas
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Are we what we eat?

Profile in Courage: Iceland’s President Denounces Pineapple As a Pizza Topping | Foreign Policy
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Brave statement: Mér finnst ananas góður, bara ekki á pítsu. Ég get ekki sett lög sem banna fólki að setja ananas á pítsuna sína. Mér finnst gott að hafa ekki þau völd. Forsetar eiga ekki að hafa alræðisvald. Ég myndi ekki vilja gegna þessa embætti ef ég gæti sett lög sem bönnuðu það sem mér mislíkar. Ég myndi ekki vilja búa í þannig landi. Ég mæl…

Indian restaurants in England, 1957
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"The overwhelming majority of these restaurants are ... from East Pakistan" (ie Bangladesh)

Dolmio and Uncle Ben's firm Mars defends limit on products
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Hardly controversial! Impressive for Mars to go public though.

Profile of culinary historian Michael Twitty

The African roots of American cooking.

The Blue Zones Solution
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How to live long through diet (no kale salad).

Is Georgian cuisine the next big thing?

Some of us got there years ago!

How to make chocolate icosahedra with numbers on
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Decorate your wedding cake with d20s!

Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant - Docklands, London - Chinese Restaurants
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"What could have been an excellent dining experience (good food, wonderful location) spoiled by dismal service and unhelpful staff. Having called ahead and been told that there was no need to book... we had to flag down a waiter after twenty minutes for our order to be taken... no effort to serve the right dish to the right person... painfull…

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