TfL: The Impossible Finances of Fighting a Pandemic
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How can London afford to keep moving?

Who Actually Uses London's Least-Used Underground Station?
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About a thousand people a day.

From Vikings to Windrush: a journey down the Thames estuary
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Sounds like a great book.

‘The stories are a bit sinister’: the secrets of London’s hidden rivers revealed
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This looks like a really interesting exhibition, on at @MuseumOfLondon Docklands until October.

What Do Our Oldest Books Say About Us?
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Another London exhibition for my list.

Quatermass and the Mithraeum
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A nice connection.

London's lost  river: the Tyburn

Fascinating mapping of an ancient and important waterway, which has now disappeared.

geoTLDs - Small but Perfectly Formed?
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@MariaFarrell on the internet’s new localism. “Though I'll never be British (thank you, Brexit), I sure as hell am a Londoner.”

The 21st floor
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How the people of Grenfell Tower lived and died.

A beginner’s guide to using My Get Me There
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Manchester's innovative nightmare. Hilarious!

The secret lab hidden inside a famous monument
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Not just *a* monument, *the* Monument.

Some Very Curious Maps of London
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Sounds like an interesting book!

Will London Fall?

New York Times reflects.

Barbican - Into the Unknown
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SF exhibition in London next saummer

Wear and Lathing in Northfields: Why the Piccadilly is Struggling
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Wrong kind of leaf-fall.

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